Matt & Kim are back, with the first single from their upcoming EP Lightning. “Let’s Go” is equal parts bubbly and introspective: “I was

up in my head for everything I said/Quarter-million words, they’re all made with lead,” singer/keyboardist Matt Johnson declares to open the track. “All these words/I don’t need ’em now,” he later assures.

Still, the single has a signature, if subdued, Matt & Kim flare: it’s a backbeat-heavy, keyboard-infused, upbeat arrangement with a sinfully catchy “oooh” chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. Overall it’s the kind of song that begs for exactly the scenario that the band had in mind: “Just for us, put this on your iPod, get in the car, roll your windows down, and turn your stereo up!”, Johnson urged in a statement.

The accompanying video, on the other hand, suggests a different setup entirely. In it, Pat the Roc, self-proclaimed “world’s greatest ball handler,” shows off his skills while Matt and Kim lounge on the bleachers – it’s as if the track itself, peppered with cries of “Let’s go!”, is doing all of the cheering for them. Watch below (and prepare to be impressed):

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