So remember Perfect Strangers? The show with that guy and his cousin Balki? Yeah, that one. Well, apparently someone made a game about it — and it’s actually pretty damn good.

Perfect Strangers: Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now is essentially a platformer that requires you to enter just what your dream is at the beginning of the game; mine for instance was to “Eat a Really Large Fish” and collect enough stars to make it happen. You use the space bar to jump and the right and left arrow keys to move from side to side. Yes, it’s that simple, but what’s not that simple is the game’s use of the show’s imagery and rocking theme song to create a pretty interesting visual.

The gaming industry is taking notice as well, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski, known best for his work on the Unreal Engine and the Gears of War series tweeted about the game this afternoon, saying “Funny thing is about that Perfect Strangers game is that it’s a good example of blending lyrics and setting in a game experience.”

So cousin — what’s your dream?

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