On June 22, Rihanna will testify at Chris Brown’s preliminary hearing and finally give the world some answers about what happened before the Grammy Awards.

In February, the former pair were no-shows at the Grammys and it quickly got out that not only had Brown been arrested for assault, but that Rihanna was badly injured. Since then, there has been no concrete evidence that Brown beat Rihanna. The couple even reunited briefly, much to the shock of fans. However, the circumstances make it very hard to believe the incidents were unrelated.

MTV.com said the 21-year-old singer was served with the subpoena on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Brown tried to have the hearing delayed. He was unsuccessful, and is pleading not guilty to felony assault charges.

Based on this hearing, a judge will decide whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the trial, which a legal expert told MTV.com would be 30 to 90 days later.

Donald Etra, Rihanna’s lawyer, told People.com that “If the preliminary hearing indeed goes forward, she is now legally required to be there, she will be there, and will answer all questions truthfully.”

Of course, the hearing could end at any time with a plea bargain, but if Brown is convicted, he faces up to four years and eight months in a state prison.

Conviction or not, the incident and speculation have already done serious damage to Brown’s wholesome image. His former fans, especially young girls, have denounced him and rallied around Rihanna. Her testimony will most likely seal his fate.

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  1. Zahira :)

    chris brown is my idol . no-one really knows wat happened that night and even if he did beat rihanna it was rong bt people make mistakes so get the fuk over it and move on in life … nd to all you former chris brown fans he dnt fukn need u ur just wannabe followers who dnt know wat loyalty is so go jump .. i think this was like a test to see who hes TRUE FANZZ AREE nd all u btches who lost faith in him got one fat F!!!!!!!!!
    ur my number one idol nd i wnt stop beleiving in you mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xoxo

    zahira 🙂


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