Google may be overhauling its search engine technology in a big way, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The popular search tool might begin to rely on something called “semantic search,” which finds that actual meaning of words. Keyword searches, which it uses now, won’t be abandoned in the overhaul but will be used in unison with the new technology. Google will also provide more answers and facts on its own, rather than linking to other sites, the Journal reports.

However, Search Engine Land refuted the rumors, claiming that Google already uses this technology, and it would not be new.

Google did not respond to questions from PCMag, or the Journal, and the source of the rumors is unknown so far. The news is believed to have stemmed from a Journal interview with Google executive Amit Singhal, in which he said the future of Google searches will “better match search queries with a database containing hundreds of millions of entities’ – people, places, and things – which the company has quietly amassed in the past two years.”  He claimed the searches will be more intune with how people think.

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