We live in a health conscious world. Almost 66 percent of males and 56 percent of females claim to meet recommended weekly exercise guidelines. However, for all the benefits of exercise it cannot help but be onerous and mundane. It is for this reason why the numbers of participants is not higher. Exercise is a bore, but it is a bore that will extend your life.

Thankfully, we live in the 21st Century. Thanks to advances in technology not only is exercise less of a chore, but also far more beneficial and efficient. Health related apps are some of the most popular in the Apple Store, while health related gadgets are also doing very good business.

Of course partaking in sport does not just mean running on a treadmill. There are numerous sports in the world, all of which do your body a world of good. Riding a horse, playing a game of football, heck even the odd game of darts does your body some good.

Below are some of the better gadgets and applications you should consider investing in.

Nike FuelBand – $99

For starters this wristband looks absolutely fantastic. Motivation is always the hardest aspect of staying in shape and that is what Nike have tried to counter with their FuelBand. Born out of the ashes of a simple stepometer, this gadget not only counts your steps but, via connecting to your phone through Bluetooth, can track your sleep and the intensity of your workout. The innovative “Nike Fuel” point system allows you to compare yourself to other users regardless of the sport you undertake. Even it was just used for a fashion accessory it still looks pretty cool. If you struggle to motivate yourself then investing in one of these bands is certainly the way forward.

GoPro Hero 4 and Helmet Mount – $599

Once you GoPro you never go back. The cameras are a marvel for anyone that partakes in any sort of high octane sport. On the slopes nowadays it is nigh on impossible to not see someone boarding down the piste without one mounted to their head. Horse riding is another sport where possessing a GoPro is extremely advantageous; especially if you are a show jumper or a wannabee jockey. Being able to replay your ride helps you get a deeper analysis of your horse’s performance. You can further scrutinise your approach to jumps, and this is of huge importance; even more so if you get dismounted. Combining a GoPro with your sporting endeavour helps you further your understanding of it. You never know, because of the work you put in during these formative years your horse could one day be the winner of the Grand National 2015.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale – $205

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with the scales. There are times when you can step off with feelings of euphoria and elation then there are the times of mass hysteria and manic depression, at least with the Fitbit you can have more of the former and less of the latter. Not only do they tell you your weight but they track your weight changes, monitor your BMI and body fat percentage. The data gets uploaded via the internet allowing you to check your progress on your iPhone. The scales are capable of tracking seven people.

FINIS SwiMP3 – $99

Have you ever found yourself swimming and thinking how much better it would be if you could listen to some music? If so, the FINIS SwiMP3 is the answer to your prayers. Using revolutionary Bone Conduction audio transmission, the MP3 allows for crisp, uninterrupted sound. These things don’t even go in your ears, rather your cheekbones. Yes that’s right, it transmits sound via your cheeks. It sounds implausible but then you put it on and it sounds like The Prodigy’s Omen; you’ve gotta be pumped when smashing out the lengths. With 2GB of memory these little things can store around 500 songs, or if you like a more tranquil swim then loading it with audio books would be perfect.

The marketplace is awash with loads of cool and useful gizmos for helping you stay in shape. Keeping fit is by no means a cakewalk so don’t be foolish, make it easy on yourself!

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