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Mitch Winehouse, the late singer Amy Winehouse’s father, delivered a touching statement about the songstress during an interview with Piers Morgan.

The father expressed his daughter’s love for people and his love for her during the CNN show, Perez Hilton reports.

“She had so many qualities and so many frailties, but she was a wonderful girl and a wonderful friend and all of the nonsense that was written about her over the last five or six years has all gone now,” said Mr. Winehouse. “Everybody is full of love and admiration for her, as she was. She was full of love, even for people who didn’t deserve it. I just wish she was here so we could give her a cuddle.”

In the wake of his daughter’s death, Mr. Winehouse has channeled his grief into setting up a charity in his daughter’s name, called The Amy Winehouse Foundation.  The charity assists young people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction and will launch on September 14.

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