Seeing Tom Brady walk off the field hobbling was a painful experience for many fans watching the opener, but the bottom line was that he walked off.

Football fans know: if you walk off, there is a good chance you’re coming back. It looks like that isn’t the case.

Now reports are surfacing that Tom Brady has a season ending ACL tear in his knee and that he is out for the season. At this time, media outlets reporting the injury are season ending are: Yahoo Sports. There no other outlets at this time confirming that the injury will leave him out for the year. Most outlets wont confirm reports until they hear directly from a team official, Brady’s doctor, Belichick or Brady himself.

Currently, NBC is reporting that Brady has a MRI scheduled for tomorrow. It is then when there will be confirmation.

But what is without a doubt is that Brady will not be suited up for the next several games. With that, there is a considerable hole in the Pats lineup. While Cassel is the man at the helm, the Pats are not likely to settle with Cassel until they explore their options. There are reports that Chris Sims is being looked at.

The bottom line is that there is a chance- a good chance, according to reports- that Brady won’t be back. This means an intensified running game- which luckily won’t be hard with four good RBs- and a defense that will need to make sure that the opponent has few opportunities to advance the ball. No more shotgun play and no quick runs down the field. The Patriots will be playing defensive football on every side of the ball.

Brady is the cornerstone of the Patriots. Without him questions arise: What happens to Moss? Can Cassel handle the pressure? The list goes on and on.

At this time nothing is confirmed, but its not looking good.

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