From the very beginning of the opening credits of the Pussycat Dolls DVD Live In London, the impression is that these "Dolls" are trying very hard to win over their impressionable audience. With the sexy clothes and provocative lyrics the group is known for, this live DVD features the seven of the most popular songs from their 2005 debut album, PCD, and unfortunately, the disc shows that despite all of the choreography and polish, they are without any inclination that they would be able to do this without a massive support team behind their productions.

It is this support team that makes the DVD less credible, as there is prerecorded footage of from the Black Eyed Peas interwoven throughout the performance, as well as stock footage of Cee-Lo. The actual live footage is sparse, running through seven of the Pussycat Dolls’ songs in just under 30 minutes. The DVD also contains all five videos the Pussycat Dolls released for their 2005 album PCD. If the material hadn’t been syrupy, overdone pop, perhaps the viewer would have desired a lengthier DVD, but the quick, in and out approach serves this release well. While the length of the DVD would normally be concerning, in this instance it works because any more would have been overkill.

While there isn’t any denying that these Pussycat Dolls are gorgeous women, with the type of act that the Pussycat Dolls have become–they were originally a burlesque act based out of Los Angeles–it is apparent that they are trying to exemplify beauty as being their most important musical attribute. The songs hardly have any variation in tempo or content, and they rely largely on collaborations to strengthen the songs.

On a whole, the DVD is entertaining for those who are interested in this type of pop music, but overall it is immensely boring for those who expect spontaneity rather than Broadway style perfection. If you’re a Pussycat Dolls fan, it would make a good addition to your library, but don’t expect an overwhelming amount of new material.

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