ABC is looking at a clean sweep of soon-to-be-cancelled Tuesday dramas, as all three of its scripted programs last night drew less than a 2.0 in the adult’s 18-49 demo. Though “V” was the highest program on the network last night, there is next to no chance that it will be renewed for a third season. And after starting out promising, “No Ordinary Family” is heading towards a perfectly ordinary cancellation.

CBS had a strong night in both the demo and in total viewers, though “The Good Wife” was dragging at 10 p.m.; despite routinely winning its timeslot, with a 2.2 demo rating on CBS, “The Good Wife” is in danger of cancellation at the end of the season.

NBC is seeing some life again on Tuesday’s with “The Biggest Loser,” a huge hit for the network. And while “Parenthood” is much weaker than its lead-in, it’s still strong than anything on the network, so its looking safe right now.

8 pm

NCIS: 4.5 demo, 22 million viewers

Biggest Loser Couples (8-10): 3.2 demo, 8.8 million viewers

Glee (Rerun): 1.7 demo, 4.7 million viewers

No Ordinary Family: 1.5 demo, 5.3 million viewers

9 pm

NCIS: Los Angeles: 3.7 demo, 18.1 million viewers

Million Dollar Money Drop: 1.8 demo, 5.1 million viewers

V: 1.9 demo, 5.8 million viewers

 10 pm

The Good Wife: 2.3 demo, 12.3 million viewers

Parenthood: 2.2 demo, 5.6 million viewers

Detroit 1-8-7: 1.0 demo, 5 million viewers

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  1. cory

    No Ordinary Family is at a Shitty time spot going up against Glee at the same time is not going to help ratings move the timing and u will get a hell of a lot more viewers. Plus they don’t even bother to count how many millions watch it online maybe they should take that into account.

    • renee

      nooooooooo! please say it isn’t so?! my friends and I LOVE “No Ordinary Family”!

  2. Ryan

    I stuck with V throughout it’s first season despite being slow and cumbersome. My patience paid off, with last night’s episode (2/15/11) displaying some of the deepest emotion and depth I’ve ever seen in a TV show. It’s depressing that viewers weren’t patient enough to wait through the lesser episodes for this. I’ve gotten many friends hooked on the show too. I’m glad V got a second season, but it would be such a shame for it to be cancelled now.

  3. Ddog

    “Where’s the weenie?’ This show is like Jericho. They never can reveal anything — most likely because the writers don’t know themselves. Same thing as and for ‘Lost’! The ‘idea club’ on this show should be told: “You will never work in this town again” as they are truly incompetent.

    This show could NOT ‘get off the fence’ and now it is paying for it. Good Riddance!

  4. Zach

    Now I don’t watch “V”, but I do watch “No Ordinary Family” and it is amazing. It’s got a lot of great aspects and elements that a good television show should have. There’s excitement, action, humor, suspense, and even a touch of romance. Take all of those, mix them together, you got something good. Throw in a little super powers, you got something GREAT! I do not believe that the show has a fair chance. Like others have mentioned in previous comments, “No Ordinary Family” has to go against Glee. That show is already so popular, there wasn’t even a fair fight. I really hope that ABC does not cancel the show. Just try changing the time slot. After all, ABC constantly cancels shows EVERY season. It’s getting ridiculous.

  5. For the family

    Why, why, why! No Ordinary Family is one of my favorite shows! Do they count people who actually DVR and watch it later? It’s one of the few shows me and my kids can watch together comfortably and enjoy. They cancel shows like this but keep on all the endless reality shows. I’m tired of reality, keep the make believe!

    • Jason Woods

      One of the lesser-known facts of the television industry is that NO, DVR VIEWING IS NOT COUNTED. That may upset some, and some may not believe that, but while many networks and television shows tout their DVR (called Live+7 viewing) numbers, these numbers have no bearing on a show’s chances of survival from cancelation.

      Why is this? Because ad company’s are the primary revenue for a television show, and statistics indicate that people using DVR viewing don’t watch commercials. So DVR numbers are meaningless in ad sales. It’s great that all these people are dedicated and eventually watch it, but if you’re not watching it live (or before 3 AM the same night, the cutoff for overnight numbers), then you are not helping your show AT ALL.

      Ad sales is the end-all-be-all in TV. And only one advertising demographic matters — viewers aged 18-49, called young adult viewers. There are other demos, and different networks do well in them. But the most important one is the 18-49 demo. This is why CBS, which has some of the highest watched shows on television, regularly cancels shows that average several million total viewers more than shows renewed on other networks. Many of CBS shows are very well watched, but primarily by viewers older 50 or older. These viewers are relatively meaningless. That is why Blue Bloods, which averages more than 12 million viewers, is a ratings bomb. Why? Because less than 3 million of those 12 million are 18-49.

      Long story short, DVR viewing is not counted in any significant way.


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