Meet PantyRaid. The new producer-dance-hit-maker duo is comprised of New York transplant from South Africa Martin Folb (known more popularly by his fans as Marty Party) and Los Angeles DJ Josh Mayer from The Glitch Mob. The two have been friends for years but in 2005 the two decided to get serious about making music together and thus became PantyRaid. Their much-anticipated first full-length album “The Sauce” dropped last Tuesday.

The album is strikingly different from most dance-genre LPs hitting the market. Instead of a mash up of your already favorite club hits, PantyRaid experiments with an electronic and classical fusion (though the voice of pop princess Britney Spears does make an appearance on “Too Fine To Do Time”). “The Sauce” is a blend of masterfully orchestrated electronic sounds and audio tricks to create grimy beats and extrinsic melodies.

Folb and Mayer created a lot of “The Sauce” by trading tracks back and forth via e-mail (considering they make their home bases 3,000 miles away from each other). Folb told Blast the process was still simple since he and Mayer both share the same vision for PantyRaid.

“Sometimes it [started] with a song I wrote, sometimes it started with a song he wrote. We’ll just find something that sounds like PantyRaid “" we both know what that is “" and we just trade it back and forth. We both have the same taste, so it’s easy” Folb explained from Brooklyn.

When asked about the seemingly darker overtones of “The Sauce,” Folb defends that it was never intentional for the album to be dark, but to evoke an emotional reaction.

“It’s emo for sure. Everything we do is emo. We’re very emotional. I didn’t intentionally sit down to write a dark record though. We are very cheerful people, just deep and emotional, I guess” said Folb with a laugh.

“The Sauce” was released on Adam Freeland’s Marine Parade Records. Freeland fell in love with the sound immediately after hearing some of the tracks Folb and Mayer had put together. PantyRaid also appears on Freeland’s remix of his June release “Cope” which Folb said was very exciting for PantyRaid.

With “The Sauce” being touted as “the future of electronic music” by magazines like Clash and IDJ, it seems many more exciting things shall be coming up for PantyRaid. The first single “Beba” has also been creating a lot of buzz and is one of Folb’s favorite songs on the record (and Blast’s too).

“I like “ËœBeba’ because it was the first song I wrote that I knew was PantyRaid. [I thought], “Oh shit, this is a hit.”

As far as leading the electronic world into the future, PantyRaid doesn’t really believe in trying to fit in a genre.
“You can decide on a genre or whatever to put us in, but it’s not going to work out” said Folb confidently, “It’s just our music, a culmination of what we’ve lived and learned together.”

You can learn more about PantyRaid at their myspace ( or pick up “The Sauce” at any major music retailer.

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