I think we can all agree that this season of HBO’s True Blood is leaps and bounds ahead of the last one. If season one was a top shelf bottle of True Blood A Positive, then season two has been the blood connoisseur’s version of a perfectly aged Merlot.

Sunday night’s season finale (ominously titled after Bob Dylan’s “Beyond Here Lies Nothin'”) left viewers with a cliffhanger”¦ as usual. Sure the good guys won and defeated Maryann the clawed, immortal maenad. Yes, the town is back to normal, free from supernatural mind control, and blissfully ignorant of the madness that recently ensued. But what about Bill?! The season finale set up plenty of problems that need solving and questions that need answers for season three.

In the final scene, Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) go on a romantic date to a French restaurant. Right after dinner, Bill proposes. But overcome with emotion, she rushes to the bathroom to compose herself. Just when she’s sure of her answer, she returns to the empty dining room. Bill is nowhere to be seen, and there are signs of a struggle. So the main question is: Who took Bill Compton and why? And how is Sookie going to get him back?

Meanwhile, back at Merlotte’s Bar, Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) struggles with the revelation that he is responsible (because of Maryann’s mind control) for all the murders that took place in Bon Temps. He confronts Detective Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) with the murder weapon to confess, and begs Andy to lock him up. Unfortunately for Eggs, he never makes it to the jail. Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) sees what looks like Eggs threatening Andy with the knife, and shoots him in the head. Just when we thought Tara (Rutina Wesley) had a chance at happiness in love, we’re left with the sight of her sobbing over her boyfriend’s body.

Aside from all the juicy action and surprises in the season finale, dedicated True Blood might have noticed a little something extra. Near the end of the episode, Charlaine Harris, author of the original Sookie Stackhouse novels, can be seen sitting at the bar, talking to Sam (Sam Trammell).

Will the town find out about Jason shooting Eggs? Will they remember what happened to Maryann? Have we seen the last of the evil maenad? Who are Sam’s parents, and are they really the “bad people” his stepmother claims they are? And why is vampire Queen Sophie Ann forcing Eric to sell vampire blood?

About season three only one thing is certain: There will be blood. And Southern accents.

Shoot son, I can’t wait till next summer’s season three premiere of True Blood! Catch up on all the recent episodes at HBO.com/TrueBlood.

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  1. Ginger

    I absolutely love this show! This is the first time I have enjoyed a screen adaptation more than the novels it was based on! While I keep reading posts from people who want to see a direct screen interpretation of the books, I disagree. They couldn’t be doing a better job, and it’s ingenius to divert from the original material. Now, I know there will be surprises in store.

    Unlike most fans of the books, I absolutely loved Maryann Forrester. The orgies grew tiresome, but Michelle Forbes was amazing, and the screen version of the maenad was so much more interesting than the book’s.

    I don’t know how I am to last nine months…


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