NEW YORK — This all started with a press release. Monday. A press conference in Times Square, being held by none other than the lovable Naked Cowboy.

The press release was embargoed until after a press conference on Wednesday, so here we are.

Robert Burck, best known as the guitar-playing Naked Cowboy of New York, was going to host his press conference Wednesday and discuss his bid to enter the 2012 race for President of The United States.

That, alone, is hilarious.

Blast showed up. Why not, right?

At 11:30 a.m., the podium was there with two men wearing sunglasses in black suits (think "Men in Black"). We were waiting for the announcement, but there was definitely something wrong because there were only four press people there, including the Blast reporter.

Some MTV News reporters were around, trying to get comment from people around Times Square regarding last night’s "Glee" Britney Spears’ episode. They were obviously using their time more wisely.

At noon, a woman (seen in several Twitpics with the Cowboy — maybe she’s the Naked Cowgirl?) approached the podium and declared, officially, that something was “wrong.”

Ha, yes obviously.

The woman was Cindy Fox, Naked Cowboy’s real-life fiance. She’s going to be First Lady when he’s elected president.

"I don’t know but something happened. This was supposed to be a big conference but no one knew that it was going to happen. So it will be rescheduled,” she said.

One of the reporters asked if he was not going to show up just because he only got 4 press people. She responded: “Yes, well he is actually over there around the corner.”

We never saw him.

The “Men in Black” guys started to clean up the whole set and the podium.

We wish we had some news for you today. But maybe, in two years, you’ll tell your kids that you read it on first: The Naked Cowboy may be running for president. He just haven’t … uh … announced yet.

This story was reported by Eiko Watanabe and John M. Guilfoil of the Blast staff. It was written by Guilfoil.

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