Makeup brushes are great to have, yet not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford ones that professionals use.  Especially if you’re just getting into makeup why would you want to spend a ton of money on something you don’t really know much about?  Paint brushes are very similar to makeup brushes and the majority of them are sold at affordable prices (especially if you get them at craft stores that have coupons!).  Don’t get me wrong there are great makeup brushes that aren’t that expensive (E.L.F. and Sonia Kashuk to name a couple), but some paint brushes out there are of MAC quality.

The following is a list of dupes (duplicates) that I’ve compiled:

MAC: 239 3/8′
Loew-Cornell: Maxine’s Mop      
Use: Shading Brush
MAC: 150
Loew-Cornell: XXL Round
Use: Large Powder Brush
MAC: 129
Loew-Cornell: 1″ Round 277
Use: Powder Blush Brush
MAC: 134 and 136
Loew-Cornell: 1″ Maxine’s Mop
Use: XXl Powder Brush
MAC: 208
Loew-Cornell: 1/8″ Angled
Use: Angled Brow Brush
MAC: 266
Loew-Cornell: 1/4″ Angled
Use: Small Angle Brush
MAC: 269
Loew-Cornell: 3/8″ Angled
Use: Medium Angle Brush
MAC: 194
Loew-Cornell: #8 Filbert
Use: Concealer Brush
MAC: 228
Loew-Cornell: 1/4″ Maxine’s Mop
Use: Mini Shader Brush
MAC: 190
Loew-Cornell: 1″ Filbert
Use: Foundation Brush
MAC: 217
Loew-Cornell: 1/4′ Amm Mini Mop
Use: Blending Brush
MAC: 222 and 224
Loew-Cornell: 272 Dome Round (M)
Use: Blending Brush
MAC: 252
Loew-Cornell: 270 Maxinne Mop
Use: Large Shader Brush
If you’re at the craft store and notice brushes that are quite similar to the Loew-Cornell and are cheaper than you can certainly get those instead.  I hope this list helps!

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Tara Rufo is a longtime Blast Magazine contributor and one of the editors of Bombshell.

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  1. Kerry

    Thanks for your MAC dup list. It is the best with the descriptions of each brush. Very helpful!


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