PopCap Games, who fancy themselves the worldwide leader in casual video games, have announced that Zuma, their second best-selling franchise with nearly 20 million units sold worldwide, will soon debut on Facebook in a free, social form. Zuma Blitz will be the first version of the game to offer players the opportunity to see how they stack up against other players, and will include a host of other social-centric features that will be new to the game.

Zuma Blitz will join PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz as their second full-fledged social game on Facebook, and will roll out gradually via Beta launch in approximately three weeks.

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  1. kris

    sweet i just checked out the game today it is pretty good i like it a lot. has higher replay value then a lot of the others. but did you guys hear the news about them being taken over or bought out by EA i read it on http://www.gamegrep.com/news/45562-popcap_games_bought_out_for_1billion_by_ea/ where it says that EA bought out pop cap games for 1billion who knew free games would be so profitable! that’s pretty crazy i hope new games come out bigger games now that EA owns them.


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