Breakout artist Ke$ha has come out of nowhere to become one of the hottest pop acts in the U.S.

Her debut album, Animal, sits at No. 8 on the Billboard Top 200, and it’s 2 on the Digital Albums Chart. The album has had 600,000 sales per week since January.

She’s like a 2010 Avril Lavigne — style, catchy beats, and popular songs.

Ke$ha’s songs have been downloaded more than 8.5 million times in the U.S. alone.

Ke$ha performed her third single "Your Love Is My Drug" on Saturday Night Live on April 17. "Your Love Is My Drug" is 7 on the Digital Songs chart this week and is rapidly climbing the chart at Top 40 radio.

Ke$ha will join Rihanna on a 25-city tour this summer. Only a year ago, she was doing her first gigs ever, wowing the crowd at Lollapalooza.

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  1. Emma97

    It’s interesting to see what will happen–
    I didn’t like her at first until I realized she wasn’t serious.
    Now with everything I hear, every goofy gossip that comes out about her, I find myself liking her more.

    Remember, everyone hated Lady Gaga at first–saying she was untalented, a copycat, trashy, obsessed with sex and wrote tacky songs.

    Now she’s on top of the world (and I coincidentally am tired of her), but here is this little awkward girl with no musical training, just a beautiful voice that was convinced to do a Beastie Boys — Meets Uffie album (like Gaga, the magic is that she made it even more digestible), who also happened to play at Lollapalooza before she was really on the radar. If you don’t think she can sing, and trust me I understand why wou’d get that impression if you think her rap-speak is supposed to be singing, check out “Honky Tonk Song” that her and her brother Lagen wrote and performed in 2006. It is on youtube. I changed my mind right there — She has a voice, just needs to use it.

    I just wonder if the criticism surrounding her will evolve, because that’s exactly what happened when Just Dance was topping the charts.

  2. Ron

    Almost at a loss for words, but not yet empty, and, I imagine, given a little stimulation, some coffee, actually lots of coffee, cigarettes, an awesome pair of cowboy boots I just bought, modeled after giraffe feet, black and tan and sweet (Really, really, really want a Tall Blond, Shorty.), I might come up with something. (Oh, by the way, I bought a sick jade trinket, for you, my Ill iterate.)

    Anyway, wassup, Boston? Is Emma97 thirteen? As we say around here, don’t know, don’t care. Just before we learn to know, and care.

    And I learned to know and care about Kesha Rose Sebert as soon as I first heard her speak, several months ago. Emma97 says some nice words about Ke$ha, but I imagine she does not know her the way I do. Rose, pigment of my thought and imagination, makes me almost feel old, as I walkspin in circles around her as she speeds along her path. (Walkspin, for U, from a young Friend.)

    Ke$ha is a sick, sick, sick woman, who will stop at nothing to reach her goal. Which is, I think, a good time for all. If you want to see Lagan, and the values of the Sebert clan, more clearly, check out “Will This Man Be Able To Keep His Home.” It is up for a Webbie at Youtube.

    I love their version of “Send Me Dead Flowers.” But, gotta say, Paul who? Ho. Ho. Ho. Ho.

    Joy to you, Rose.


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