I came across "The Boondock Saints" the same way everybody who wasn’t a Hollywood insider in the late 90’s did. A friend handed me the DVD in middle school and said, "Dude, you have to watch this." I did, and like so many others, I adored it. It’s an entertaining film about two Irish brothers on a mission of divine justice that was made for a budget third of Joe Mauer’s annual salary and has since gone on to become the biggest cult film in decades. The word of mouth campaign that helped the film achieve its status and its complete rejection by the mainstream film industry has created an ardent fan base that has developed a special relationship with the film and anxiously waited 10 years for last November’s sequel, "The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day."

In congruence with the sequel’s release on Blu-Ray/DVD, some of the franchise’s most notable figures embarked on a 10th Anniversary Tour, including a stop in the film’s principle setting, Boston, on St. Patrick’s Day to make appearances and host a concert at the Paradise Rock Cafe that night.

I was immediately confronted with the fanaticism the franchise has fostered within its fans upon arriving at the club for a mid-afternoon interview to find fans already lining up in front of it for a show that was more than six hours away. Pretty impressive for a 10-year-old franchise that no major studio would even consider touching.

Soon enough, three of the four interviewees (actors Daniel deSanto, Bob Marley, and David della Rocco) arrived outside the club. I got the sense from watching them interact with some of their more die-hard (and apparently jobless) fans that they fully appreciate how special it is to be part of a project that evokes the kind of emotion "The Boondock Saints" does from people. Despite already being behind schedule, all three of the actors eschewed prodding from PR people and producers alike to get them into the club to not only take pictures and sign autographs for the fans, but to really talk to them and establish a connection. I got the sense that the three were enjoying the interactions as much, if not more, than their fans.

I was most apprehensive about the fourth interviewee, writer/director Troy Duffy, whose abrasive nature was the subject of a documentary, "Overnight," which I brilliantly decided to watch the night before the interview. I knew it was stupid, especially since I was press, but what if I said something wrong and he launched into a tirade and ruined my interview (and quite possibly scarred me for life)?

As you will soon see, the four men couldn’t have been nicer or a more enjoyable interview. It has been a long time since the release of the first film, but all of them seem to thoroughly enjoy the spotlight once again shining on them, and made my experience with them as pleasant as they have all their fans. Not bad for my first interview.

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  1. Alex

    Matt is a great interviewer, and he had real chemistry with the guys from Boondock Saints. He really knows his stuff!

  2. A New Fan

    I’ve always loved the Boondock Saints, but this Matthew Schnitt…he is one cutie patootie! Where else can I see/read him?!

    (And this is not coming from an overly proud cousin, I can guarantee that)


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