Microsoft, whose Xbox Live service hasn’t always been the  most progressive, recently updated its Code of Conduct to allow declarations of sexual orientation in GamerTags and Profiles.

Now, anyone can describe their relationship using a list of pre-approved words. Marc Whitten, the Xbox Live general manager clarifies, in an interview with Ars Technica.

“Under our previous policy, some of these expressions of self-identification were not allowed in Gamertags or profiles to prevent the use of these terms as insults or slurs, however we have since heard feedback from our customers that while the spirit of this approach was genuine, it inadvertently excluded a part of our Xbox LIVE community. This update also comes hand-in-hand with increased stringency and enforcement to prevent the misuse of these terms,” said Whitten.

A part of the new policy lays things out even clearer.

“You may use the following terms to express your relationship orientation in your profile or Gamertag: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Straight.

Other terms regarding relationship orientation are not allowed. In addition you may not use these terms or any other terms regarding relationship orientation to insult, harass, or any other pejorative use against other users.”

Call me crazy, but I’ve been harassed to the end of the world and back during matches of Halo 3 numerous times and my profile nor my GamerTag say anything about my sexual orientation, though I’m straight.

“I truly believe that our diversity is what makes us strong: diversity in gaming and entertainment options, and diversity in the people that make up this amazing community. I look forward to seeing you on LIVE soon,” Whitten said.

Guess I’m wrong.

Read the full Code of Conduct Policy here.

Source: Ars Technica

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  1. Anthony

    Seems like a waste of time? :/

    Doubt this’ll do anything to how many people have xbl accounts.


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