Fable III, the third installment in the Microsoft-exclusive fantasy/adventure role-playing-game franchise from Lionhead Studios was officially unveiled at GamesCom over the summer, but all we saw was a cryptic teaser trailer. That’s all about to change, and soon.

According to Lionhead’s community manager Sam Van Tilburgh, who’s been Tweeting an awful lot, the game will officially be unveiled (likely with gameplay shown) next month.

The man Tweeted the following:

“I’m writing storyboard summaries for two new #Fable3 videos @LionheadStudios.”

And then this:

"videos are to come out when we show #Fable3 for the 1st time at an event next month in SF."

Well now, looks like Lionhead is bringing Fable III to an event in San Francisco in February. That event is a mystery to us, but whatever the time or the place, we know it’s going down in February. So Fable-fans (myself very much included), new information is inbound!!

Source: Destructoid


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