A sidebar poll on the world’s second biggest Web site, Facebook, reveals almost an equal breakdown between Xbox 360 and PC Dragon Age: Origins gamers.

CaptureThe number of respondents I believe was in excess of 28,000. See, I voted “Xbox360” then hit “show results” and the number of participants sadly disappeared upon refresh. I guess Facebook is smart to not show me a poll I’ve already voted in.

Anyway, what does this data show us? First off, PS3 is getting its cute little backside kicked, but also that the parity between Xbox 360 and PC is significant, unlike many multiplatform titles out there today.

Anyone who spots this poll on the ‘ole Fbook, please pass the participation figures along and I’ll update the story.

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  1. eury360x

    PC gaming is alive and well. But shame on Microsoft for not putting any effort at all on bringing Gears of War 2 or Halo 3 to Games for Windows Live. All Microsoft cares about is the Xbox 360 and they give their PC fan-base a kick in the rear. What was the last major Microsoft published game for PC? And Alan Wake, another game that was originally announced and for PC in 2005 is now listed as “exclusive” for the Xbox 360. When will Microsoft finally start to give a damn?


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