Care Bears on Fire started creating a lot of buzz last year, startling everyone with their keen lyrical sense, perseverance, and do-it-yourself attitude “" oh, and don’t forget they were talking record deals before entering middle school. Now full-fledged teenagers, the all girl pop-punk trio is about to release a new full length album “Get Over It” to hit shelves and digital stores July 14.

CBOF are taking on teen issues this time around with a sensibility and realism that you won’t find watching Hannah Montana. “Gym Class Haze” and “Super Teen” tackle day to day school dramas and insecurities we all have experienced. The girls even take on stereotypes and contemporary issues with “Barbie Eat a Sandwich” and “Met You On Myspace” showing they can have a sense of humor and still hold down a conversation at the adults’ table.

The video for their first single, “Everybody Else” can be seen here, and CBOF can be caught this summer at Kidzapalooza in Chicago on August 8 and 9.

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