“Firefly” fans know the pain of the FOX red pen. It’s official. “Dollhouse” has been canceled.

The innovative Joss Whedon drama’s second season was a disaster from the start with a Friday night time slot it had to share with “Stargate Universe” and the fans’ social calendars. DVR couldn’t save it, either.

A few weeks ago, FOX announced it would pull “Dollhouse” during the November sweeps period due to low ratings, and yesterday the rest of the ax came down. FOX will air all 13 episodes of the second season starting on December 4, however.

Are you a die-hard Dollhouse fan? What do you think of this? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. David Smail

    Once again, Fox drops the ball on a show that was finding its ground. Sure the ratings weren’t great but the DVR numbers were pretty good (thus the second season). Fox did a terrible job marketing the show. When if first came on the air, I didn’t hear about it until episode 6 (when the show started getting good). Hopefully Joss Whedon will end the show with a bang…and never work with Fox again.


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