Modern Warfare 2, Activision’s long-awaited sequel will contain scenes “designed to evoke the atrocities of terrorism.”

According to Kotaku, who broke the story, these scenes are full skippable, even though the game already claims an M for mature rating.

The full statement from an Infinity Ward spokesperson is quoted below.

“Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 features a deep and gripping storyline in which players face off against a terrorist threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse. The game includes a plot involving a mission carried out by a Russian villain who wants to trigger a global war. In order to defeat him, the player infiltrates his inner circle. The scene is designed to evoke the atrocities of terrorism.”

“At the beginning of the game, players encounter a mandatory “checkpoint” in which they are warned that an upcoming segment may contain disturbing elements and they can choose not to engage in the gameplay that involves this scene. Consistent with its content, the game has been given an “M” for Mature by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. The rating is prominently displayed on the front and back of the packaging, as well as in all advertising.”

As they say; any attention is good attention. Not that a game with as much swirling hype as Modern Warfare 2 needs more attention, but this news will likely linger in the minds of gamers giddy with excitement as to what these scenes actually depict.

Also, prepare yourselves for a possible media blitz crying foul at such scenes. We’re looking at you Fox News.

We’re less than 2 weeks out from MW 2’s Nov. 10 launch. Stay strong faithful, stay strong!

Source: Kotaku

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