Sunday night’s premiere of Dexter proved that this season will be one of the show’s funniest to date.

We’re all used to the clichƒ© of the superhero who tries to balance a normal life and saving the world (Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Buffy Summers, etc), only to have wackiness ensue. But when you catch a serial killer yawning on the job because his newborn has an ear infection and keeps him up all night, it’s beyond absurd.

Season four of the Showtime hit kicked off in true Dexter form. Dexter is “killing for two, now” as he tries to be a good father and satisfy his “Dark Passenger.”

In the opening sequence, Dexter is driving along, monologuing as usual. Meanwhile, we see a strange older chap filling a bathtub. You might thing that this is Dexter’s next hapless victim, but you’d be wrong. Just as we see that Dexter has been driving baby Harrison (yes, named after Dexter’s adoptive father) to put him to sleep, we realize that the grey-haired man (the Trinity Killer, played by John Lithgow) is really preparing to murder his own victim.

A classic switcheroo.

Unfortunately for the Trinity Killer, and for possibly for Dexter, Special Agent Lundy is back in town to catch the serial killer with a 30-year-long record. Lundy’s presence is also pretty unfortunate for Deb, who has moved on from her season two flame to current boyfriend Anton, a musician. Actually, the only fortunate thing about Lundy being back this season is that we, the viewers, get to enjoy the love triangle that will inevitably ensue.

Speaking of crazy romantic hijinks, Batista is having an affair with La Guerta. This fact is so disturbing that this reporter will go no further on the subject, except to say: Angel, I thought you knew better.

Along with the reappearance of Lundy and the thrilling addition of a new serial killer on Dexter’s turf, viewers have plenty of blood, dismemberment, and saran wrap to look forward to. Now if only our beloved murderous protagonist could stay out of regular trouble.

Dexter ends the episode by hurriedly killing off a bad guy, tossing him in the trunk of his car, and heading to the pharmacy for the baby’s medicine. But on the way home, he starts to nod off (as new dads do), despite the frantic warnings from Harry’s ghost. Viewers are left in suspense as Dexter swerves off the road and flips the car. Is Dexter alive? Yes, it’s his show.

The better question is: How is he going to cover up the dead body in his trunk when the ambulance arrives?
Watch “Dexter” to find out next Sunday at 9PM on Showtime.

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