5. Cooking dinner at home

5. cooking dinner at home

5. cooking dinner at home

After the first two weeks of kindergarten celebration chaos, I find myself enjoying evenings at the condo (3 this week!) which means that I am no longer frequenting every restaurant in Boston that potentially does not contaminate one menu item with gluten… and also means my Celiac’s-stomach can enjoy leftovers for lunch instead of assorted salads from every deli downtown. The weekly menu is back up with some of my foodie-favorites, like Spicy Lemon Pasta (I add chicken strips) and Spicy Pork Tenderloin. I eagerly anticipate the 20 minute meals in each new issue of Real Simple.

4. Over-the-knee boots

4. over the knee boots

4. over the knee boots

I feel in love with these attention-grabbing garments the first time they made their fashion mag rounds, but, as with my love for all-season sandals, never thought I could pull them off. Well, I am a monthly reader of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, but it took me picking up the September Elle (with J Aniston on the cover!) to really fall in love. Please see the middle model in the Fall 2009 Chloe ad above. Those boots are TO DIE FOR (forgive my dangling preposition). Well, apparently you need a black card to find these gray beauties, and, once again, I’m not sure I want to spend a fortune on shoes I’m not entirely sure I know how to wear, so I found a few bargain varieties on Nordstrom’s website, like Steve Madden’s “Blondee” over the knee boot in gray suede.

3. Fresh flowers


3. fresh flowers

Tonight, thank goodness, was the last kindergarten party for which I was solely responsible. And a 4-year-old cutie named Sara came to my party with a freshly-picked daisy just for me (okay, or because she wanted to pick a flower). So I smiled and placed my new daisy into my side swept updo and welcomed the sign to go buy myself a couple bouquets of flowers. Those of us in the northeast only have a few more weekends of freshly cut flowers left, right? We might as well enjoy them.

2. Pointy-toed flats

Okay, I’ll be honest. I just found out this was a fall trend approximately two hours ago, and only according to Bloomingdale’s website, but I’ll take what I can get! Being barely over 5 feet tall, you would think I would take the extra height anywhere I can get it, but all too often I wear flats to work toting a pair of pumps in my bag that never get to see the light of the office.

And, because any true shopaholic can never have too many shoes, I’m currently drooling over two pairs of my newest favorite fall trend at Bloomingdales. Guess has a pair of “Clinta“pewter flats that play with Fall’s studs trend without overdoing it, and, because no obsessions list is truly complete without a mention of her — and I read on a fashion blog early this week that the Reva is now being called the “Nebraska” shoe and <GASP> totally passƒ© — Tory Burch’s newest “Claire” Signature Pointy Flat

1. kate spade’s fall collection

Please just click and admire: http://www.katespade.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=2631362. FINALLY, she does clothing. I desperately want her Bisous Gale lace dress to wear to my wedding reception someday, but cannot justify spending $400 on an unknown (but the only size Bloomingdales has left is mine! that’s got to be a sign, no?).


Aveda Hand Relief

As if it wasn’t enough for the salon to get me completely and utterly hooked on fashion, I’ve also become a product snob. We kept this stuff at the front desk ALWAYS and it is a complete cure-all for fall and winter’s cracked knuckles. Thick and creamy without being greasy, with a (strong but) tantalizing smell, I keep a bottle in my bag at all times. After a summer at the bottom of the Tory Burch carry-all, it is now riding at the top of my fall Longchamp, ready for any dryness emergencies.

Commemorative Tea Cup Set by Royal Albert

I have been drinking tea with my Nanny (my British grandmother) probably since before I could walk, and I have inherited all of my family’s fine china and sterling (because nobody else was using it). I am obsessed with china… and tea. I use my 14 cup Kitchenaid coffee maker to brew tea for me in the morning, and I don’t even own a nice set of tea cups. This set is making its way to the top of my birthday list.

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