SAN DIEGO — In the year since Disney teased us with a few seconds of video at Comic-Con 2008, fans have been anticipating the 2009 3D Comic-Con panel. Fans of the 1982 cult classic “Tron” waited with baited breath for details to emerge on the sequel.

Definitely, there is something definitely worth seeing for fans new and old. The original “Tron” took audiences into virtual world as its main character Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a hacker and computer programmer, becomes digitized and trapped into a computer program of his creation. “Tron Legacy” promises to provide the same amount of action and innovating technology without losing the classic look and style.

Scenes screened for viewers at Comic-Con’s first ever 3D panel reveals more intense chase scenes and special effects. The premise for “Tron Legacy” takes the story to a new generation where Flynn’s son (Garrett Hedlund) takes measures to find his father. Also in the film is “House” star Olivia Wilde, whose character remains a secret.

At the press screening for the much anticipated film, director Joseph Kosinski, writer Steven Lisberger and cast member Jeff Bridges revealed more, even delving into the music behind the film, which will be headlined by French band Daft Punk.

“I think that cyberspace and that technology will continue to evolve,” said writer Steven Lisberger. “I think now is the right time for this film.”

This film will definitely build upon the strengths of the original, combined with the amazing capabilities of modern technology. Also at the panel, images and scenes from the film were displayed for fans, revealing the original and remodeled versions of the Tron Light Cycles.

As far as the vision and the context of the film, Lisberger revealed the movie will definitely explore the intermediary time between 1982 and 2010.

“For those unfamiliar with the Tron universe, this will be a standalone film. This film will take place in 2010 with the mystery of what happened in 1982 and 2010″ Kosiniki said.

“Tron Legacy” promises to give audiences a glimpse of the classic in a brave new world, and judging by the reception of its fans during the preview panel, this modern classic lives on.

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