If you are on the Atlus Faithful mailing list, then you have seen this, but if you are not (for shame, unbeliever. For shame) then you should take a look at their latest promotion. Atlus wants you, the fans, to help them name an upcoming PSP release. In Japan, the game is known as Kenka Bancho 3, a street brawler. I have no idea what those words mean outside of “3”, but luckily Atlus has given you an assist on that, with a guide to what the word means and some background on the game.

Now, to keep everyone from simply naming this game “Streets of Rage 3: Part Deux” or LOLCats presents “I Can Haz Street Brawlz”, Atlus has given us a list of names to choose from that we feel fit the as of now unnamed brawler the best. For those who like their imports authentic, they have also included the original title, sans the 3.

Be sure to give this survey a look and have a hand in naming a game. It’s not something we get a chance to do every day.

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