Last Thursday evening, New York City’s SKATERS arrived in Boston in order to play a show opening for The Orwells at Brighton Music Hall. Despite only having been a band for a bit over two years, they have put together an impressive résumé thus far. In 2012 they put out their debut Schemers EP, signed to Warner Brothers Records, and earlier this year, released their debut full length, Manhattan. The band identifies as a NYC act, but they’re actually from all over. Vocalist Michael Ian Cummings hails from from Boston and met guitarist Josh Hubbard (from England) in Los Angeles during 2011. The two ended up collaborating in New York not too long after, and SKATERS was formed along with drummer Noah Rubin and bassist Dan Burke. From then on, SKATERS has been bringing their garage-rock-inspired sound to clubs all over. With an impressive live show reminiscent of The Clash and solid skills on their instruments to back it up, the group of guys has a lot ahead of themselves. They just wrapped up their touring schedule, but look out for them the next time they hit the road.

Haven’t heard ’em? Listen to: “Miss Teen Massachusetts”

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