As the second season of the breakthrough USA Network action drama “Burn Notice” drew to a close, Michael Weston, the former spy who was fired or “burned” came face to face with the people who ruined his career in an underhanded effort to recruit him to their own operation, and he told them to get lost.

So they did, and now Michael is on his own, with no shadow agency to keep him off the radar from cops and about a dozen countries he pissed off over the years.

Season three starts off with something a little different “" Michael is being chased by the cops, which is not much of a surprise. But rather than fight his way out by blowing something up, he surrenders and gets thrown in jail until an old friend, Harlan, from the special forces days shows up and uses a lawyer buddy to bail him out.

Now we’re really in familiar ground: Harlan needs help. He has a Venezuelan girlfriend “" family farm stolen “" father in jail “" gangster in Miami. Michael is back on the job, and “Burn Notice” gets right back in stride with the back-story-client-back-story plot we see in most episodes.

But not everything is as it seems. There’s betrayal, twists and turns, and Michael learns that with no spy agency to protect him he’s truly on his own.

At the end of the episode, Michael’s mom, Madeline, offers some sage-like advice by telling Michael, Fiona and Sam Axe that the three of them need to stick together, and the stage is set for more adventure this season.

“Burn Notice” has grown in popularity, and at the base of its fandom is a rabid group of diehards who follow every one of Michael’s yogurt cups and all the familiar phrases like “it’s not personal” and “el jefe.” Season three is full of promise for both existing fans and newbies who want to see what all the hype is about.

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