Microsoft unvieled what they’re calling the “definitive racing game” this morning at their E3 media briefing and from what was shown and talked about, they might just be able to back up that lofty claim.

Confirmed additions to the title include a new game engine that allows the title to run at a blistering 60 frames per second, 400 cars from 50 manufacturers, the ability to scan the gorgeous environment from the driver’s seat, and a new video editing feature to help bolster the games determined effort to reacha new level of social interactivity within the genre.

The producer of Forza 3 was on-stage promoting his game with a fire red and gorgeous Audi, a playable vehicle, resting behind hilm in a mass of billowing fog.‚  Quite the scene indeed.

Customization is paramount in Forza 3 as each and every car will be fully, fully tailorable to really whatever your mind can conjure up.

Forza 3 will hit shelves this October, or so promises Mr. Producer man.

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  1. Goturnten

    Gran Tur-what-now..?

    Looks like a hugely impressive sim, although I notice that weather seems to be absent again 🙁

    Still, I’m sure FM3 will deliver in most other aspects.


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