The TV Renewal/Cancellation scorecard has been updated to reflect these ratings.

Gwyneth Paltrow has now made two-guest appearances this season on “Glee,” and both resulted in noticeable upticks; “Glee” was up to a 4.6 demo rating last night, its highest since the post Super Bowl episode. Paltrow may not be able to headline movies or sing, but guest spots work for her.

“Raising Hope” had one of its highest outing with a 2.8 demo; “Traffic Light” is assured of cancellation with a 1.5.

“V” on ABC finally crashed, after multiple weeks of bubbly growth, prompting the idea it may survive to see another season. But in the last two weeks those hopes have completely evaporated. Against repeats, “Detroit 1-8-7” still finished its hour in last place.


8 pm

Glee: 4.6 demo, 12 million viewers

Biggest Loser: 2.6 demo, 7.4 million viewers

*NCIS: 2.3 demo, 13.4 million viewers

*No Ordinary Family: 1.0 demo, 4 million viewers

*One Tree Hill: .4 demo, 1 million viewers

9 pm

Biggest Loser: 3.2 demo, 8.8 million viewers

Raising Hope: 2.8 demo, 6.8 million viewers

*NCIS: Los Angeles: 2.6 demo, 13.4 million viewers

V: 1.7 demo, 4.9 million viewers

*Hellcats: .5 demo, 1.1 million viewers

9:30 pm

Traffic Light: 1.5 demo, 3.8 million viewers

10 pm

*The Good Wife: 1.3 demo, 8.2 million viewers

*Parenthood: 1.2 demo, 3.1 million viewers

Detroit 1-8-7: 1.1 demo, 5.1 million viewers

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