Bethesda released this teaser trailer (and by teaser I mean the kind of teaser where after you watch it you have more questions than before) early this morning on GameTrailers TV, confirming the rumored title and giving gamers a release date of spring 2010.

Brink is a product of collaboration between Bethesda and Splash Damage that was initially announced over a year ago, but even after watching this trailer we still have zero idea what the game is going to entail.

All we do know is that the artists on the job are fantastic, there will be shooting in one form or another, and that the game is due out Spring 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

No worries though because Bethesda has pulled an Honest Abe and promised juicy details at E3 concerning the mysterious title. Stay tuned for our E3 2009 coverage beginning Monday!

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