So MTV named Twilighters the collective Woman of the Year, and in all honestly, Blast Magazine can see why. This year we’ve covered Twilight mobbing in from San Francisco to Chicago, cast appearances, and the way Twilighters band together to get things done – and Twilighters have definitely made themselves known. It is safe to say that Twilighters have beat out Britney Spears in creating a buzz this year and they didn’t even have to shave their heads!

So as we say goodbye to 2008 and Blast’s second year, we would also like to thank the Twilighters out there for always checking out the Twilight news at Blast and passing it on. If it wasn’t for the Twilight Lexicon and posting news from Blast, I personally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be Blast’s coolest (and only) intern. But as our entertainment editor and fellow resident Twilighter once said, “we want people to know that Blast is about more than Twilight and beer,” so continue to check us out for all your pop culture news and don’t forget to spread the word.

If you didn’t catch the acceptance speeches on MTV, here are a few Women of the Year, and one slightly disgruntled male Twilighter accepting this great honor through video submission.

Here is my submission, that MTV linked to in their Twilight Tuesdays blog:

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Liz McClendon is a two-time graduate of Virginia Tech and now spends her time traversing the internet, where she writes and continues her seemingly everlasting quest to be gainfully employed.

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  1. Rafal H

    I cannot believe this

    At least it wasn’t Stephenie Meyer. She’s such a weak writer.


  2. Lauren

    Meg Cabot… ew.

    So happy to see I was a woman of the year
    Love your writing Liz, keep it up!


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