If you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of this campaign’s increasingly negative tone.

Tonight’s debate is a crucial one.‚  With less than one month before the election, uncommitted voters are desperately trying to decide which of the two major candidates can lead the country out of the Bush era.

Tonight should be about the issues.‚  Not the terrorist ties or the Keating 5.‚  I want to hear what the candidates are going to do. I want to know why Obama thinks his idea is better than McCain’s and vice versa.

Less than a month to go and the gloves come off.‚  Why now?‚  This has been one of the longest, most publicized campaigns in history and people are getting tired of it. Repeatedly attacking each other isn’t making it easier on anyone.

Issues matter more than negative politics, especially at uncertain times like these and with a month to go, keep your damn gloves on and tell us how you’d turn the country around.

Making the public aware of certain aspects of a candidate’s past is not entirely negative; bringing up the Keating 5 scandal just reminds people of McCain’s involvement.

Implying Obama is a terrorist’s best friend is very misleading.‚  The guy wasn’t walking around with Ayers decades ago, he knows him now and they interact infrequently.

Saying McCain plans on fully deregulating health care is also a little misleading.

Let’s hope they only attack each other based on policy tonight.

If I hear Obama or McCain say “[he] just doesn’t get it” one more time…

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