An explosion at a flower market in New Delhi killed one teenager and injured 18 others Saturday, according to Indian police.

Seven of the 18 are in critical condition.‚  The teenager was a 13-year-old boy who died right after the blast.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the explosion, though some witnesses say they saw two men on motorbikes drop a black package in the middle of the market.

According to witnesses, the package bomb detonated after the 13-year-old picked it up.‚  He was shouting after the two men, trying to tell them that they had dropped something.

Authorities suspect the bomb was dropped by illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.‚  Investigators are currently searching for the two men.

Indian officials have repeatedly blamed both Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups for terror attacks over the last three years.

Since these attacks took place in a mixed community of both Hindus and Muslims, Indian officials almost ruled out the involvement of Islamic fundamentalist group, Indian Mujahideen.

They fight against the oppression of Muslims in India.‚  Detonating a bomb in a region with Muslims would be pretty stupid.

The Indian Mujahideen took responsibility for the series of explosions just weeks ago, as well as attacks in Jaipur and Gujrat earlier this year.

Regardless of who is responsible, this explosion marks another tragic day in India.‚  More than a hundred have been killed this year as a direct result of terrorism, most by the Mujahideen.‚  Hopefully this death toll does not rise as it did just a few weeks ago.

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