The Pats are not a topic that I like to speak about as of late. My diehard passionate rants have been muted. I love Sundays, but now I wish they had more Monday night games (only one this year) so that I can have stress free weekends.

Now that is a hard statement to write out. Many people would love to say I can’t handle times when they get rough. You have to love your team win or lose. And I do, I was a fan before Brady or any‚ Super Bowl. It’s a different feeling than I have ever had.‚ It’s not the number of losses; it’s the way they lost.

Yesterday evening I watched the Patriots play with about as much intensity as dish soap. They went through the motions. There was no spark. As the Chargers continued to raise the score, the Pats and I together watched it climb.

The difference?‚ There is no way I could have‚ scored a touchdown, but they could have done something. ‚ I never felt like the team felt the urge to make a comeback, like they rather just finish up and except loss two. The Pats have never been that team. It can’t be the loss of Brady alone. Patriot players have spoke out and said that they know they can get it done. But are their actions speaking way longer than their words?

Watching Cassel was painful. Watching Moss watch Cassel was painful. Watching the defensive line miss‚ tackles‚ hurt. Watching the Chargers throw bombs and having no chance of stopping it hurt.‚ But the fact that there seemed to never be a desire to come back from behind and stomp all over them hurt the most. It may never have been possible, but the idea didn’t even seem to be there.

The only player who played like they wanted to win was Ellis Hobbs, who has quickly become one of my favorite players. The 5’9″‚ cornerback may have one of the toughest jobs on the team and he is the only player that seemed to care after the disgrace of a 4 and out on the San Diego one yard line in the 3rd.

Maybe Wes Welker as well. Everyone else looked like they rather be visiting Brady in the hospital, than winning the game. I do not doubt their intensity to win- every genuine athlete wants to win- I doubt the fact that they believe they even can.

The Pats are now officially being counted out. The Chargers were their chance to show everyone that they were capable. They couldn’t prove it or put the ball in the end zone. I still believe they could make the playoffs, I just think that they need to play with urgency more now then ever. They have played to get by and that hasn’t worked all that well. Now maybe they have nothing to lose. Why not try a fake punt? A flea-flicker? A FIRST DOWN.

Now is the time more than ever to get it done because if they don’t it will be nobody’s fault but theirs.

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Casey Ramsdell is The Girl in the Huddle and a Blast Magazine staff writer

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  1. Mark

    Hey there Casey, this is Mark, Steve’s friend from Danvers. I thoroughly enjoy your blogs, they are both very true and tragically amusing(latest pats blog). However, you need to please the 1.2% of the massachusetts population that like hockey and write something about the Bruins. You like everybody else in Boston could probably care less, but if you want to make me and the 6 other hockey fans south of Canada happy, do an occasional tidbit on the black & gold. I’m just messin around, im sure nobody would read anything about the retarded cousin of Boston sports. See ya later


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