June 8

If you don’t have the motivation to pick yourself up off of your couch and go play with Marvel action figures then The Incredible Hulk The Game could be your squeeze, but, if you’re looking for something, anything else, you’re search lies elsewhere.

The premise is great. Everything about the Hulk is here, from his incredible strength to his ability to break down any wall he wants or climb any puny sky scraper standing in his way. He’s big, he’s green, and he’s mad.  That’s the idea behind anything revolving around the Hulk, and it is a fantastic franchise to bring to a console. 

An optimist would hope developers took a queue from Crackdown about how to do a free-roaming super hero game, which would have been great, but instead of that we’ve got clunky physics and a bulking green action figure running amuck looking out of place and fighting the same battles over and over.

The story leaves much to be desired. 

Edward Norton lends his voice to the game with depressing, blatantly monotone commentary between missions. Some of it fits the character. He is a giant green monster and all, but most of it puts a strain on sincerity. And the story revolving around something almost irrelevant to the movie doesn’t do much for anyone wishing to continue where the film left off. Hulk is tasked at destroying the creations of scientists who use the city as a testing ground for experiments. 

In an attempt to offer some variety to the game the developers tossed in some menial mini-games that involve crushing cars or collecting orbs. Emphasis on attempt. These mini-games offer nothing to the game other than giving you an objective for things you can already do. 

There is a trend when licensed video games get released around the same time as their movie counterpart and that trend revolves around the idea that everything feels phoned in. There are junky physics and roughly five different bad guys you repeatedly molest with your bulky hulk action figure. 

There is a cop-out story and relatively mediocre voice acting. I can’t see anyone, kids or action figure fans, wanting to play this game for an extended period of time. It was an utter let down and something not worth batting an eye-lash at. 

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