With the 2012 election season approaching fast and the majority of election news covering the GOP hopefuls, a major blow was struck to Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann’s nomination hopes as her entire New Hampshire staff resigned today.

According to the Global Post, the five-person team, including right wing radio personality Jeff Chidester who had called himself a “longtime friend” of Bachmann, all resigned at once in protest of the lack of attention New Hampshire was receiving from the campaign.

While there has been no official statement made by the team, it has been reported that Southern New Hampshire field director Caroline Gilger will be joining Texas Governor Rick Perry’s effort.

With the New Hampshire primary election poised to happen on January 24, this is the most recent hit to Bachmann’s bid for the nomination, which began strong with the winning of the Iowa Straw poll in August, but has dwindled down to a fourth place standing ever since.

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