How do you make one of the world’s most popular video game franchises even bigger? Throw in a little Love in an Elevator mixed with a touch of Dude Looks Like a Lady.

Activison announced today that it is teaming with legendary rock band Aerosmith in the latest installment of the long running, and massively popular Guitar Hero series.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, scheduled for release in June, had been a mere rumor since the series hit next-gen consoles late last year with Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. The game will put players in the band’s shoes throughout their legendary career — from basement band to the Grammy awards.

“Having a game built around Aerosmith has been a huge honor and really a great experience for us,” said Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. “We’ve put a lot of ideas into the game so that fans can have fun interacting with our music, getting inside our body of work and learning about the band’s history.”

Being developed by the same team behind the critically and commercially acclaimed Legends of Rock installment; Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is steeped heavily in the band’s storied career.

According to a statement from Activision, the game will feature actual venues the band performed at on their way to the top, and while no official track list has been released — the game will tout the band’s deep catalogue of rock anthems and ballads. Along with those tracks, Activision made note that a wide array of music by artists that either inspired the band or have performed with Aerosmith. Run DMC anyone?

“Any band that can go from ‘Don’t Want to Miss a thing "to the ass-kicking ‘Sweet Emotion’ to the cheekiness of ‘Love in an Elevator,’ to the classic ballad ‘Dream On’ shows why Activision chose us to headline this game based on the diversity of the Aerosmith catalog," said Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler. "Not only is songwriting a bitch, but then it goes and has puppies.”

In celebration of the announcement, gamers connected to Xbox Live or the Playstation network can download “Dream On,” one of Aerosmith’s earliest hits for use on Guitatr Hero 3: Legends of rock. The song will be free to all users from February 16 through 18.

Astute gamers will remember that this isn’t Aerosmith’s first foray into the world of video games. In 1994, Midway featured the band in the light gun shooter — Revolution X. Let’s hope the band being more in their element has a better result than them being captured by a weird government agency hell bent on destroying media.

Screenshot of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

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  1. kelly

    why is the guitar hero so hard to find for the wii and the ps2 in Nova Scotia Canada? I had a hard to finding the wii now I’m having a hard time finding the game

  2. Austin Major

    why did they change the hammer-ons for guitar hero aerosmith? i first started out on gh3, so i got used to the way the hammer-ons worked. its much easier to hold the fret button down before the note arrives. for the next guitar hero–and others– i think that it should be more like gh3, hammer-ons wise.


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