Sony Classical recently released an 8-CD set commemorating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.

The box set contains music from episodes IV, V and VI with original artwork, as well as the all new Corellian Edition, a bonus CD with artwork, posters and photos and limited edition posters and stickers inside.

The Corellian Edition CD is the only real new treat, which is what makes it appealing to the real passionate Star Wars fans. It contains different themes from all six episodes.

What hurts this collection is that the Corellian Edition can be purchased separately. The 8-CD set is $90, and doesn’t offer a lot in terms of new content.

If you are a Star Wars fan, and don’t own any original music albums from the movies, this is a one-shot chance to own the classics, but if you already own all the soundtracks individually, this collection depends on your level of dedication to owning everything Star Wars.


  • Episode IV – A New Hope (two CDs)
  • Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (two CDs)
  • Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (two CDs)
  • An exclusive new 15″ x 15″ fold-out poster celebrating Episodes IV, V and VI
  • Three collectable 4″ x 4″ stickers, each featuring a four-color reproduction of the CD cover from the Expanded Edition soundtrack of one of these episodes
  • New notes on the history of the first Star Wars soundtrack
  • Track lists and credits for the CDs.

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