InStyle’s website picked Kristin Cavallari’s plaid look as yesterday’s “Look of the Day,” but when I put on my black and blue plaid tunic over gray jeans this morning, I couldn’t help feeling the look had passed, gone the way of the Ugg — a comfy throwback, but no fashion statement what-so-ever.

What are your thoughts on plaid? Do you still grab your plaid shirts when you dress for Saturday shopping? Let us know!

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Krystal Beaulieu is an independent Blast blogger, self-proclaimed shopaholic, frenetic magazine reader, conservative Bostonian and political junkie... who ever said a fashionista needed to be single-faceted?

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  1. Littlster

    I have a plaid mini dress that I adored this summer, and I still love it. I am not at the point where I see plaid and think, oh god, what a follower as I do with uggs. I think it is big some places but hasn’t yet exploded in Boston, fingers crossed it never will!


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