Milla Jovovich is just about one of the hottest gun girls in the world.

Resident Evil: Extinction on Blu-ray is an excellent high-def adaptation for this video game movie. Granted, the movie got poor critical acclaim, but if you are a fan of the franchise, this one looks and sounds awesome.

The Blu-ray features 11 deleted scenes, director/producer commentary, four “making of” featurettes and a preview of Resident Evil: Degeneration, the upcoming CGI-based film.

Exclusive to the Blu-ray release, you can also use “Blu-wizard 2.0″ to create your own playlist of special features. More importantly, the Blu-ray disc features”Under the Umbrella: Picture-in-picture,” which features interviews with cast and crew, storyboards, photos and behind the scenes clips that play within the feature.

Milla is back in this third piece of the Resident Evil pie. The film is packed with zombies, blood and gore, and it also stars Ali Larter, Ashanti and Mike Epps.

Resident Evil: Extinction is now available on DVD and Blu-ray for $28.95 and $38.96. There is also a PSP Universal Media Disc version for $24.94. Finally, you can get all three Resident Evil flics in a Blu-ray trilogy for $89.95.

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