2. She completely obliterated the importance of Sam and Dean's relationship.

2. She completely obliterated the importance of Sam and Dean’s relationship.

If you were looking for a show that would completely draw you in, “Supernatural” is it — or rather, it WAS it.

In earlier seasons, people were glued to their televisions watching the story of the Winchesters play out. They were invested in every single detail about the show. Every character had a story and it was exciting to watch those stories unravel. Fans became invested in the “Monster of the Week”  storyline and craved it each and every week.  Most, if not all of the brilliance was thanks to show creator, and then show runner, Eric Kripke. He created an interesting, fun, sexy TV show that was completely destroyed once he was no longer show runner.

The season six premiere, Exile on Main St. was the first episode to have long time Supernatural writer and producer, Sera Gamble as show runner.

She completely butchered the show.

Watching the episode was almost painful and left viewers thinking “this is what I waited months for?” It was a mess from beginning to end. Every episode after that, with a few exceptions, have all been equally painful to watch. It’s sad that this beloved show went from great writing, great storytelling, to just another show on the CW network. It’s become so bad that fans who still watch out of loyalty can tell you how bad it is.

Season 6 of Supernatural -- when Sera Gable took over -- was virtually unwatchable

Season 6 of Supernatural was virtually unwatchable

Gamble was unfortunately show runner for two whole seasons before she “stepped down.” By the time season eight came to be, the show was already doomed. Gamble basically ruined a great thing and then was either fired for it, or just didn’t want to be associated with it anymore. Either way, the integrity of the show was trashed and she is responsible for it. By the time new show runners were in place for season eight, so much damage had already been done to the characters. Plot holes were so huge that in order for it to even be remotely what it was, they would have had to ignore season six and seven and start fresh. Since you can’t erase bad seasons of television, the new show runners were doomed before they even began.

Season eight was a lot better than both seasons six and seven, but still not close to what it once was. The show has fallen so far away from “good television” that it’s sometimes ridiculous to even watch. The actors are still great at what they do, even when their material is awful. And by awful, I mean, when a writer is tweeting fans and answers a question with “that’s from before my time, but I’ll guess its cause’ they have a special bond?” you know the people behind the scenes know less about the show than the people watching it. There’s a point where shows run their course and should be canceled. Supernatural should have ended why, how, and when the original show runner wanted it to. Now I watch the show out of loyalty and will most likely watch it until it does finally end. Until then, it will remain a show with great acting, but absolutely no story.

5 Reasons Sera Gamble ruined “Supernatural”

  1. As soon as she became show runner, her writing declined. She wrote awful episodes; nothing close to the great work she wrote before the regime change.
  2. Completely obliterated the importance of Sam and Dean’s relationship.
  3. Introduced and focused more on new, minor characters than on the main established characters.
  4. Made Castiel too big of a character, which again took away from the foundation of the show, which is the brothers.
  5. Soulless Sam and Leviathans. Two of the worst story arcs to ever be told, and both were done in two separate seasons with her as show runner.

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  1. deeaye

    HOLY SHIT. It’s like you read my fucking mind, this is insane. I agree with everything you said and have nothing more to add. This is perfect.

  2. lazycrazymisfit

    Just how I feel. I stopped watching half way through season 7 when I couldn’t stand it anymore. But now and then I keep peeking back in because I used to love this show so much, it hurts everytime (T_T)

  3. FanSinceEpisodOne

    Seasons 1-5 will forever be the best in the shows history the so called character growth personality wise has been a disappointment because we grew to love the Winchesters original personality… also it has taken too much of a soap theme thats killing the show. I will watch to the end no matter how painful

  4. Peter

    Shes sleeping with jon mc namara and is working on aquarius..maybe shell be ok

  5. Corncat

    And I thought I was the only one to think that the later storylines sucked. Who knew?

  6. Cody

    This may literally be the worst article I’ve ever seen.

    Ninety percent of it is complaining how the show has declined, and yet provides no empirical evidence as to WHY it did. Also, insinuating that Castiel became too big of a character is legitimately illogical: Sam and Dean have been about family. This doesn’t just include their own relationship: it includes other people, too. Families grow.

    The only season I can say is the worst is season ten.

    But really, if you’re going to bash a writer for having declined in skill, you may want to look toward your own articles. It’s nothing but complaints and claims that have no backing whatsoever.

    • William Freeman

      You’re absolutely right. I love this show. Castiels role hasn’t seemed to change THAT much. He still seems a little “behind the scenes”. Castiel is an awesome addition. Kinda do wish he did a bit more. As for Sam and Dean, how has their relationship changed? They still both ride in that chevy, kill monsters, and fight just like brothers do. This article is an absolute joke.


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