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Fall obsessions

I am probably the least edgy person you will ever meet. I wear a ridiculous amount of Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew. Somehow, though, I have a Carrie Bradshaw-style obsession with the wide world of fashion. Moonli...
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Obsessions of the week (August 20)

5. Tory Burch I will admit that I am not nearly as in love with her fall collection as I was with summer (which, btw, Saks has on SALE. I think I want the Jula dress or the Esther dress). 4. My so...
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Jellies in June (and not on the seashore)

I'm not going to lie: at first I was scared. If they were coming back, were lime green spandex or tie dye hi-tops going to be next? But after a few weeks of deliberation, and then after I saw ...