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Coronavirus COVID-19 home quarantines throughout most of the U.S. are putting a lot of pressure on families, individuals, and businesses in many different ways. People are looking for new and interesting ways to safely keep themselves and their children active and entertained to combat boredom, stress, and seclusion when isolated indoors. Since people have had enough of binge watching Netflix and Disney TV shows, now is the perfect time to get “Round Tuit” – get around to being organized and learn something new with the family. 

Being in the photo business for 35 years, with companies like Kodak, HP, and now Vivid-Pix, I’ve seen that “Around To It” is always on everyone’s mind – getting around to organizing analog and digital images and researching family history. It’s something that everyone wants to do with their families, find out their past and organize for future generations. This is what prompted me to begin work helping family historians around the globe. 

Feel more connected to family and friends in this social distanced world 

Most people have boxes of photos and documents, in a closet, basement, attic, computer drive, and in photo albums and frames, that they’ve always wanted to organize. The new Vivid-Pix “Round Tuit” (Get Around to It) Online Education Program is offering free and very low cost online classes to teach people how to organize, scan, improve, tag, store, and share photos and document memories and research genealogy/family trees to feel more connected to family and friends in this social distanced world — a Vivid-Pix restored picture says a thousand words and learning about relatives and ancestors brings back memories of the past and tells you who you really are.

The Vivid-Pix Online Education Program helps people have fun and learn about themselves with classes to organize family photos and learn about their family history with the help of the world’s most respected historians, genealogists, and educators. The series is free or very low priced at $1.99/class and is hosted by Daniel Earl at

The site provides interesting, entertaining, and educational activities during long hours indoors. It also helps local services, such as churches, societies, and businesses, stay connected with their community through online education. Closed libraries are also shifting to online programming with Vivid-Pix and other sites; as well as churches and community centers, who are continuing to communicate with their congregations and serve their communities online. In addition, businesses and speakers are now speaking online, since conferences and meetings have been cancelled. 

We believe this form of online education and communication is here to stay beyond the pandemic. Sites,  like Vivid-Pix, provide exclusive information from experts, including world renowned historians and genealogy organizations, who would normally be beyond the reach of most people. Experts, such as Kenyatta D. Berry, Host, Genealogy Roadshow (PBS), author of The Family Tree Toolkit, 2019 Honorary Chair for Preservation Week, and contributor to The New York Times “1619 Project,” discuss African American Genealogy at the Vivid-Pix Education site, as well as many other world-famous historians and genealogists. Vivid-Pix genealogy episodes are broadcast live each Tuesday and Friday evening at 8:00 PM ET and are available on demand anytime for $1.99 for 30-day rentals. The current schedule is below:

Vivid-Pix Online Genealogy Classes Schedule April/May 

8 PM ET and available on demand:

4/24/2020 Blaine Bettinger Genetic Genealogy
4/28/2020 Rich Venezia Immigration Records
5/1/2020 Katherine Schober German Church Records
5/5/2020 Kirsty Gray British Genealogy
5/8/2020 Diahan Southard 3 Tips For Your DNA Test
5/12/2020 Peggy Lauritzen Migration Trails to Ohio
5/15/2020 Amie Tennant State Census Records
5/19/2020 Rick Voight Restoring Old Photos and Documents
5/22/2020 Maureen Taylor Photo Organization

Previous April shows available for Streaming:

Katherine Willson Genealogy on Facebook
Dear Myrtle Zoom Conferencing
Judy Russell The Law and a Reasonably Exhaustive Search
Kenyatta Berry African American Genealogy
Miya Jensen Polynesian and Pacific Isles Genealogy
David Ryan Irish Genealogy

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