Whether you’re spending your day watching lots of videos on a remote island or on your commute to work, chances are your phone (along with your other electronic devices) will quickly run out of battery. You can look for available outlets for a quick recharge, but if you are on the go or don’t want to be glued to a wall for too long, your best bet is to get yourself a portable charger. We have used plenty of chargers in our time, but the Coal Catalyst charger blows everything else away. Impressive power, sleek design, and versatility are the many reason to fall in love with this little guy.

Before even putting it to use, you’ll notice how great it looks. Sure, it’s just another charger, but its soft-touch detailed surface gives it a futuristic edge. Its design is also very minimalist and only contains one subtle button that you can press to show the percentage of battery life remaining on your charger. The Coal is also available in plenty of colors such as Quartz, Carbon, Bronzite, and Cobalt. Weighing in at around 12 ounces, it’s not too bulky either so it can fit comfortably in your bag or purse.

The charger also comes with 3-headed adapter cable for USB-C, micro USB, and lightning connections meaning it can charge just about anything you need. We also loved how convenient this made our lives since we didn’t need to worry about bringing additional cables with us on the go. You can switch them out on the fly and everything is kept very neat and tidy.

The Coal takes about four hours to fully charge and comes with a 48 AC wall charger. Its ports allow you to plug in Apple and Android devices but you can always use your own wall charger to recharge its battery. Once it was ready to go, the Coal was able to fully charge our dead iPhone 8 in a little over an hour. It managed to fully charge it three more times as promised before needing a recharge too. That means you can even leave it in your bag for days and use it as a portable battery whenever your phone, headphones, or just about anything else needs a little juice. We did, and it kept us going!

Considering how much power it packs, this little guy is perfect for anyone who can’t make it to a wall outlet right away or under emergencies when you lose power and need a reliable battery on the fly. Small and compact, the Coal is truly an essential must-have for anyone. Its included cables and wall charger also make it the perfect kit to get you recharged and back into action regardless of how battery-consuming your work or playtime can get.

The Coal Catalyst portable charger is available in 8000mAh or 12000mAh and is available on Amazon. Coal supplied us with a 12000mAH for the purpose of this review.

Coal Catalyst portable charger review
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