Halloween may be long over, but you can still indulge in all the witchy wonderfulness of The Craft on Comet TV this month.  The network welcomes all who want to cast a spell on the dreariness of the new year and embark on an adventure, with showings of films such as Labyrinth and Bubba Ho-Tep. Additionally, fans of Edgar Allan Poe will be satisfied with double features all month.

To celebrate this new spooky year, Comet TV is giving away an amazing prize pack to a lucky reader of Blast Magazine. The winner will receive:

  1. Limited Edition The Craft x Comet TV T-shirt to wear while watching the four witchy guardians of the watchtower this month
  2. The Craft Exclusive Comet TV Clamshell Box which includes exclusive throwback artwork and will take you back to the days of video stores
  3. The Craft Witching Hour Cleansing Kit to bring some peace and calmness to your life
  4. Exclusive The Craft x Comet TV Tarot Cards to tell your future, which will definitely include some time watching Comet TV

In order to be eligible to win, please write your name and email in a comment below this article. Good luck and may your new year be full of spooky fun!

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Madeline Knutson is an Entertainment Journalist and Pop Culture Expert for Blast Magazine.

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