Although Seinfeld premiered its final episode in 1998, fans from around the world are still incredibly passionate in their viewing and discussions two decades later. The past two years have provided new ways for enthusiasts to reconnect with the program, as Hulu purchased the rights to stream all 180 episodes to paid subscribers and opened pop-up installations of Jerry’s apartment for the public in New York and Los Angeles. While no major news regarding the show has come out yet this year, fans can still get their fill of Festivus fun with the “Seinfeld Set Replica” from Artuitive LLC and Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Released at the start of this month, the replica will not disappoint even the most comprehensive admirer, as every inch of the model is a perfect match to the familiar apartment people know and love.

From the hanging bicycle to the infamous front door, it is evident that countless hours of methodical focus went into creating each of the 5,000 pieces available for sale. There are over 100 unique miniature elements included in the set, many of which have been distressed to match the apartment’s lived-in appearance. This attention to detail was possible thanks to Warner Bros. providing the replica’s creators access to the show’s original blueprints and development materials. These materials included original Polaroids, color swatches, and sketches from the show’s network run. Additionally, the show’s production designer, Tho. E Azzari, was utilized as a creative consultant in order to ensure the finished product would be a faithful match to the original set. After seeing the completed result, Azzari exclaimed that it “was amazing…and triggered memories of many wonderful experiences.”

Other notable contributors included Alan Wolfson, a distinguished fine-art designer of miniature environments, Rvckvs Holdings LLC, a prominent collectible studio run by industry veterans, and Mass Operations, an internationally-acclaimed architectural design studio.

The piece measures 16.5” W x 11.5” D x 6.5” H, making it the perfect conversation starter to display on your coffee table. A purchase of the replica also comes with a hand-numbered commemorative card containing an authentic piece of the actual prop door from the show.

For those interested in purchasing one of the limited-edition replicas, an order can be placed on for $399 until March 1 and $499 following that, should any remain. Any purchases made will be shipped in June 2017.

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