“Silent Hills” playable teaser (P.T.) will forever live in the hearts of gamers as the biggest “what if” project in the medium. The dream collaboration between Gulliermo Del Toro and Metal Gear Solid developer Hideo Kojima sounded too good to be true and the small taste they gave us of the game continues to live on in PS4’s throughout the world despite being removed from the PlayStation Store.

Since the game was cancelled and Kojima has moved on from Konami in one of the messiest breakups we have ever seen, many developers are trying to fill the void left by the horror master.

Enter “Visage,” a psychological horror game from developer SadSquare Studio that is currently pushing for a successful Kickstarter.

If their teaser video is anything to go by, then we can expect triple-A level graphics, a fantastically moody house and some scares the like “P.T.” became famous for.

The game is hoping for $25,000 in order to complete development and they are shooting for a January 2017 release date.

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