Everyone on CNN is covertly saying the election is over, lavishing praise on Obama. Republican Bill Bennett has even been giving him props, but he precedes every comment “This is not over.” But he has to say it so much that he’s now throwing in death metaphors to get his point across. “Not to beat a dead horse, but”¦this is not over.” Five minutes later, he got a little more disturbing, “Again, the body is not yet cold, BUT”¦” Here’s hoping he makes increasingly macabre McCain autopsy jokes as the night wears on”¦

CNN also just unveiled their new hologram technology, which LITERALLY looks like Princess Leia and Obi Wan Kanobi’s image coming out of R2D2. The hologramed reporters appear right next to Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room even though they are located around the country. Wolf claims he will be beaming correspondents in all night…

More to come..

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