Jimmy Kimmel, in perhaps a coming out party for Mel Gibson, pulled a hilarious stunt on his after-Oscar show.

Gibson, who has largely avoided the spotlight since a 2006 drunken anti-Semitic tirade, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live and showed an “exclusive clip” from what he and Kimmel played up as his latest top-secret film project about a Civil War officer who loses everything.

That actually got us on IMDB for a second.

Instead, the video shows Gibson coming into his bedroom to see his dying wife surrounded by chickens. She’s clutching “the original recipe.” In a fit of vengeance, he vows that “Kentucky shall fry.” Then we see Gibson with shiny black shoes, a white suit and a black southern tie — Colonel Sanders.

Kimmel also did this hilarious promo with Tom Cruise.

You should also remember last year’s after-Oscar hilarity with a cast of Hollywood A-list stars including Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford singing “I’m fucking Ben Affleck.”

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  1. LucFerris

    Holy smokes! That Mel was funny! The fact that a guy like that can laugh at himself in these times shows a sense of courage. None of us are infallible.

  2. Rose Chu

    Loved Mel’s antics and self-deprecatory approach. Honestly, it’s good to have Gibson back!


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